Our Story

We believe in living with mindfulness and intention (high vibe living) and invite you to join the Bee Present journey with us.

Bee Present wants to make it easier for people and families to be mindful and consume conscientiously.


Our story started with our founder’s personal pursuit of products as an eco conscious consumer. Candice Burris had spent hundreds of hours trying to locate truly eco-friendly items for her husband and daughter. As many products that claimed the title, most ended up being "greenwashed" offerings. That’s when Candice decided to create Bee Present. She does the research for you to find genuine eco friendly, organic, recycled products.

Even better, Bee Present supports artisans and small companies. By purchasing from small companies and artisans, we are able to keep our carbon footprint low and support small batch production. Supporting slow fashion and small batch means that our ecofriendly products and selections are ever changing. So if you like something, grab it now as it could be gone tomorrow!

Our lives are so busy and full of distractions, so it's nice to know that you can purchase authentic ecofriendly products that are good for your soul and support artisans all in one place. 

Feel free to listen to Candice in the video below describe Bee Present in her own words.